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Home - Summary of services.

Website Solutions - Information and pricing on web design services:

  • Option 1: Do-it-yourself.
  • Option 2: You build it, I assist.
  • Option 3: I build it based on a template of your choice.
  • Option 4: I build you a completely customized website from scratch.

Custom Site Sample - Example of a custom website.

Template-based Site Sample - Example of a template-based website.

WordPress Website Sample - Example of a website created with open source software from

Musician Website Sample - Example of a website platform dedicated to musicians.

Video Ad Solutions - Information regarding my video ad services.

The RVC Blog - Useful information for online entrepreneurs.

About - Some highlights of my background and what this site is about.

Contact - Please use this form if you would like more information or a project estimate.

Terms of Use - Explanation of the terms and conditions under which and blog can be used.

Privacy Policy - Explanation of how this site manages personally-identifiable information.

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