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Example of a custom website developed by RVC

Layouts can be fixed, elastic, liquid, or hybrid, and can have one to three columns. I don't recommend more than three columns unless your site will be supporting lots of ads. Three column layouts, as shown here, are very popular. They provide a nice, balanced, professional appearance.

Page widths can be as narrow or wide as you would like. My recommendation is generally in the 1,000-pixel range if the target audience includes, both, desktop and mobile device users.

Headers and footers are completely customized to your specification. And if don't already have one, we can develop a logo for you so it can be prominently placed in both locations.

Navigation bars, horizontal or vertical, can include traditional buttons or completely customized graphics. The choice is yours.

Before any code is generated, mock-ups are created and presented in PDF format for client review and approval.

Adobe Fireworks and Photoshop are used for graphics editing. Custom sideshows, like the one created for the home page, are developed in Flash or Adobe After Effects.

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Example of a custom website design by Render Visions Consulting.
Example of a custom website design by Render Visions Consulting.

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