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Example of a template-based website built by RVC

With the template-based solution (called "Website Tonight"), you have access to a template library including 3,000+ professional design and color combinations and 120 pre-built websites.

Choose from 14 page layouts that put your site in the best light. Each page can have a different layout.

Insert your own photos or use any of the 8,700+ pro-quality images included free. Choose the Premium plan and get more than 28,000 images! Image editing is included.

Format your content with bullets, numbering - even input and edit your own HTML.

Accept online payments with PayPal.

Add other elements to your site such as a personal guestbook, event calendar, hit counter, forums, videos, music and much more - including pre-designed Flash animations, RSS feeds and widgets.

Custom sideshows, like the one created for LizArtNeedlePoint.com, are available from RVC.

Hosting is included with guaranteed 99.9% network uptime.

Go to the Website Solutions page and click on Option #1, 2, or 3 for more information on template-based solutions.

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Example of a template-based website built by Render Visions Consulting.
Example of a template-based website built by Render Visions Consulting.

Go to LizArtNeedlePoint.com to view site in detail.